WRTnode2R released, trying a new hardware developing method


RAM expansion 4 times to 256MB than WRTnode1
Rom expansion 2 times to 32MB than WRTnode1
Power consumption is reduced by 50% compared with WRTnode1
Smaller 30% than WRTnode1
Measuring Analog in OpenWrt, providing more than 14 native PWMs, providing nearly 50 GPIOs
Provide Arduino compatible with API in Linux, which could be called in script (node.js\python, etc.). trying a new and smooth hardware development method
MCU real-time controlling with a precise millisecond level response delay, with the real-time system RT-THREAD

The default retail package including the WRTnode2R and it’s shield.

The most exciting about WRTnode2R is it’s may be the first board that programming Arduino APIs in scripts. we thought that may be a brand new hardware development experience without a tedious Compiling-Flashing-Debugging as the old Arduino development. Just like this:

spi-bridge write "pinMode 0 0"
spi-bridge write "pinMode 1 0"
spi-bridge write "pinMode 2 0"
spi-bridge write "pinMode 6 0"
while true
spi-bridge write "digitalWrite 0 1"
sleep 1
spi-bridge write "digitalWrite 0 0"
spi-bridge write "digitalWrite 1 1"
sleep 1
spi-bridge write "digitalWrite 1 0"
spi-bridge write "digitalWrite 2 1"
sleep 1
spi-bridge write "digitalWrite 2 0"
spi-bridge write "digitalWrite 6 1"
sleep 1
spi-bridge write "digitalWrite 6 0"

And it turns out like this:
Also we could use node.js or python or any script in Linux to do so.

And the 2R resource index: http://wiki.wrtnode.cc/index.php?title=WRTnode2R/en,
the Arduino programming manual: Programming Arduino in OpenWrt: the manual of STM32 development in WRTnode2R

Buy one: http://www.eleduino.com/WRTnode2R-Mini-Openwrt-Devboard-p10558.html
So pls enjoy.

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  1. Kindly let me know how to buy WRT node2P,and kindly give more details about this prodect.